"The Bipolar Diet" by Sarah Freeman: A Life-Changer Book

  • 18 January 2016
  • Petra_1

Bipolar disorder is disorienting to the patient and to their loved ones. But did you know that our diet can greatly control the course of the disorder? After reading Sarah Freeman’s book I realized that the foods we eat have the power to affect our mood, and influence the expression and direction of bipolar disorder.

Sarah gained 40 lbs after starting her medication. While medication helped her stabilize her mood, she felt so lethargic and foggy. Her book is a fantastic tool for those with bipolar disorder. It explains everything Sarah learned on her way to discovering how to cook delicious foods that help her mood and her weight as well!

Being a bipolar means that I have to constantly stay structured and on schedule. I cannot afford to miss my medications, and I must avoid all sorts of slip ups while following a strict diet. However, not all days are easy. There are times when I lose control, and my mood swings make it very difficult for me to hold it all together. After all, how would it matter if I lost weight or not when I am in my depressed low? At such times, it is easy to give in and reach out for chocolate donuts, deep chicken fries and high calorie beverages. 

But it is during such difficult times that we can win our ultimate battle. Recently, I was reading Sarah Freeman’s book “The Bipolar Diet”, and I picked up some really interesting advice. This book is actually a life changer. It not only helps a person suffering from bipolar disorder to figure out what they want to do in their life so that they can focus their energy on optimism and happiness, but it also helps in structuring life when we most certainly need to do it. 

What does this book focus on? 

This book has gotten some amazing reviews from readers all around the globe. It contains some pretty interesting facts like: 

  • Top 12 super foods that a Bipolar must eat
  • Top 12 foods to avoid
  • Which Bipolar medications are making you fat
  • How to ask your doctor for advice regarding weight gain
  • How to control your mood swings
  • Popular vitamins which make your mood swings worse

This book is really a treasure house of knowledge. It has helped me to combat the severe effects of my mood swings, and I have been following the two main strategies outlined in the book to take control over my life. Also, I learned about the importance of taking vitamins to treat the symptoms of bipolar disorder. These include vitamins B1, B6, B12,  D and E, and A. Vitamin E in particular reduces the frequency of seizures. I buy my vitamins from Vitacost. I get coupons from this website.


The book “The Bipolar Diet: Managing Mood, Food and Weight” is available only for $27. This book also comes with:

  • 3 free bonuses which focus on medical reports on Bipolar and Diabetes
  • Top 6 successful methods to manage your mood swings, and
  • a Bipolar Disorder Glossary.

Together with these bonuses, this book costs only a total of $67! This is a really good deal! 

I owe Sarah Freeman a lot today; I have finally managed to get hold of my mood swings and not let them dictate my life. I recommend this book for all bipolar patients who are facing challenges everyday to have a normal life.