Losing Weight As a Bipolar: My Experience

  • 30 December 2015
  • Petra_1

Bipolar Disorder can have severe symptoms if it is not treated with the help of medicines. I remember the time when I was prescribed half a dozen of antidepressants, mood stabilizing anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers to handle my low times. While they were certainly effective in making me more stable over time, they had a serious negative side effect which caused more depression: obesity. 

Bipolar medications cause a lot of changes in our body’s metabolism, and they have a huge impact on our appetite. Our cravings increase tenfold, and it gets really hard to keep away from food. Also, in some patients (as it was in my case as well), severe depression could cause stress-eating. Within a month, I gained about fifteen pounds! The situation did not get any better after that. Since I was diagnosed quite early, it meant that I was taking these medicines while I was attending college. The situation had turned into a nightmare for me. 

One of my friends suggested the idea of subscribing to weight loss management programs. I tried a few, but most of them kept on insisting that I starve myself. This hardly helped. I would often cheat on my diet and end up ordering more junk food at one go than I used to. Things became so bad that my mother took me to a dietician for help. 

Why should you use Nutrisystem?

That is when I learned about Nutrisystem and how effective good eating habits can be. Nutrisystem is a packaged meal delivery system that prepares only the healthiest recipes with fresh ingredients that are good for the body. You can read more about the program and how to buy if for less in this website. It is mostly a portion controlled diet system that limits the amount of food we eat during each meal. There are several ways through which this weight management program helps people to stay fit physically:

  • Nutrisystem packages small portions of delicious food so that sodium levels in body are kept in check. 
  • The diet focuses on “good carbs” which belong to the low-glycemic index. This will not increase insulin or blood sugar levels.
  • Since the amount of glucose in blood will stay low, consumers will have less hunger and low fat storage. 
  • Nutrisystem also encourages consumers to eat three helpings of vegetables every day.
  • The diet includes low-fat protein like fish and lean meats. 

After following Nutrisystem for over a month, the result was striking. I had lost about ten pounds and I was already feeling way better than before. Losing the extra weight helped me to develop more self-confidence. Also, Nutrisystem’s healthy diet helped in detoxifying my body and making me live a better life than before.