From Overweight and Bipolar To Healthy, Sexy And Cute

  • 14 January 2016
  • Petra_1

Once overweight, Charles Schmidt Jr. (known also as 'Chuck'), used to think that he knew all the answers in life. He was an overweight child and very self-conscious of how other people perceived of him. Luckily, some years later he met Arnold Kauffman, the founder of Arnold's Way, and he literally changed his whole life. Now, he lives a positive and healthy life.

Childhood Overweight

It was until his teenage years that Charles used to eat everything; from junk food to really big meals, including meat and dairy products. At that point he wanted to impress a girl and started to watch his diet, but shortly afterwards he hit a dark period in his life. He actually suffered from drug addiction, alcoholism, and even bipolar disorder, and as a result took a lot of medications. He unfortunately ate a lot of junk food and his health deteriorated a great deal. Moreover, there was also a period in his life where he even worked at a slaughter house that contributed to the killing of 10,000 pigs in a day. Charles didn't think anything of it, as he recalls. As you can understand, he soon became overweight again and at the same time he was not only physically ill, but mentally unstable as well.

Photo: "My health was deteriorating" says Charles who was overweight, depressed, and couldn't sleep well.

The 30-Day Raw Challenge Program

Thankfully, some years later, in October 2011, he managed to put down the drugs and booze. He started recovering from depression and began living a healthier life. First of all he began a vigorous exercise program, but without changing his diet habits, so he didn't have the results he expected. But when he met Arnold Kauffman and started a conversation with him, he got some great advice of how to get rid of the meat and how to lose weight. In fact, Arnold invited him for a green smoothie. It was the period in his life when he started eating fruits all day and salads later on. From that point, he began to change and he was ready to do the 30-Day Raw Challenge! Since then, he saw eating basically raw food vegan. In addition, he slowly weaned himself off all medication. Now, he doesn't suffer from depression or leg swelling and he can sleep well at nights. He actually lost 37 pounds, by following Arnold's program. In fact, he managed to do that by following a raw food diet.

Photo: "I enjoy eating fruits" says Charles who now eats 15 bananas a day and follows a fruit-based diet.

A Healthier Way of Life

Now Charles feels great; the girls find him sexy and cute and he looks life in a positive way. Actually, this is not just a diet for Charles, but rather a way of life. He prefers to live at the moment and enjoy the little beautiful things of everyday life. Today, he walks the road to destiny, as he says, with a green smoothie in one hand and a six-pack of bananas in the other. Of course, there are times that he has craving, but these periods are not so bad as he is determined not to look backwards. He only focuses on his healthy life today and on a positive future.